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Local Knife & Scissor Sharpening Service NJ


Local Sharpening Service for Hillsborough, Bridgewater, Branchburg, Montgomery NJ


Local Professional Knife Sharpening & Scissor Sharpening Services is available right here in Somerset County and Hunterdon County in New Jersey. Local Home Knife SharpeningAn easy and convenient way to get your Knives & Scissors Sharpened, I try and meet at your home or on the road in a 5 - 10 mile radius of Hillsborough NJ to pickup, take the Knives to Sharpen, then meet back up in a day or 2. I even offer Loaners Knives when available so that you are not without a knife for a meal or two.

I often meet clients at certain convenient locations in the event you are out of my normal range. This comes in extremely handy if you travel to work past key junctions like the Somerville Circle, and typical work routes like Millstone or Griggstown or Skillman along route 206 as well as Neshanic NJ.

Clients that I often meet up with for Sharpening Services are from the towns of Hillsborough, Somerville, Bridgewater, Bedminster, Basking Ridge, Warren, Branchburg, Readington, Montgomery, Skillman, and Princeton New Jersey.

The Cost of this Local Sharpening Service is a minimum of $60.

I service Kitchen Knives and Personal Chef Knives at the regular rates of $1.50 per inch.
Serrated Knives at the rate of $1.75 per inch, and Utensils or Repairs at the listed rates on the Sharpening Rates & Pricing Page.

**Please understand I cannot meet to pick up a single knife or 2.**

If you only have a few knives, simply mail them, with return shipping included, as per the instructions on the Knife & Scissor Mail In page.
You simply pay by the inch, with no need for the $60 minimum.


Local Professional Knife Sharpening Services in NJ

It also avoids the hassle of boxing them up, coming all the way down to a drop off location, then back again.

Local Knife SharpeningAs mentioned, the Cost for this Service is a minimum of $60.

This charge is the minimum whether you have 10" of knives or a combination of Knives and Scissors totaling $60, due to time and travel expenses, along with labor charge of Sharpening.

If the amount of Sharpening exceeds $60, then the price is simply the total according to the rates on the Knife Sharpening Rates page.

Another option I suggest is to see if family or friends need any Sharpening so you can meet the minimum for Local Pickup Service.
Or, you always have the option of mailing them in, with return shipping included.

Local Professional Chefs and Restaurants can take advantage of this service as well.
If you're a Local Restaurant, I can even come and Sharpen on Site as long as you meet a minimum charge of $60.
However, I DO NOT offer a Knife Exchange program.
All Commercial and High Volume Customers are Welcome!


Local Professional Salon Scissor Sharpening Services in Somerset County in NJ

Salon Professionals and Hair Stylist. You now have a Local, Friendly Professional Scissor Sharpener located right near you!
Locally around Hillsborough and Raritan, I can come Pickup and return within a day or 2 a minimum for 2 or more Scissors $60, (avg price of $35 per Convex Scissor for Razor Sharp Service).

For Salons a bit further out of my range, around 15 miles from Hillsborough and up, the minimum amount would be $100.

For more detailed information, please visit the Professional Salon Scissor & Shears Sharpening Page

Please forward all inquiries to:


*** Please be aware: THERE IS NO DROP OFF LOCATION ***

Only Mail-In or Local Pickup Services are available as described

Scissor and Shears Sharpened

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