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Welcome to Professional Knife, Scissor and Shear Sharpening Service by ZB Sharpening!

I provide a Knife Sharpening Service Locally in Central NJ, as well as Mail In or Mail Order Knife Sharpening shipped to me from any State. With over 20 years experience, each knife is personally sharpened by me, and I assure you, I pay meticulous attention to each and every Blade.

In roughly a 10 mile radius of Hillsborough New Jersey, located in Somerset County, Personal Service is available to Local Home Cooks, Professional Chefs, Restaurants and Eateries, as well as Knife Lovers of all types.

Knife Sharpening Service ZB SharpeningCountry wide, from each State, I offer Mail In Sharpening Services for all of your Knives and Cutlery. Your Dull Knives will return with the Sharpest Cutting Edge possible. Knives will be brought back to their original Standard "V" profile, most times better than new.

Let's face it ... all Knives will get dull in time, no matter how well you maintain them or what steel they are made of. Whether you’re a Home Cook or Professional Chef, the more use Knives get, the duller Knives get. Having a Sharp Blade allows you to work easily and safely, and you can keep that Sharp Edge on your Knives by having them Professionally Sharpened periodically, along with some simple maintenance.

How often should you have your Knives Professionally Sharpened? I recommend at least once a year. You'll know if you need more frequent sharpening depending on how often you use them and how well you maintain them.

Spyderco CivilianI keep my business small and personal, sharpening all Knives myself. I can put a new Edge on all types of Knives and Cutlery by using a variety of methods to obtain the best Edge Profile possible. With attention to detail and customer service, I hope to keep you as a satisfied customer.

If you are curious if I can sharpen any of your Knives, just ask. If you require a particular Edge on any Knife, simply Call or E-Mail.

I offer a convenient Mail In Knife Sharpening Service for the entire country, and Local Knife Sharpening Services with pickup around Somerset County. No matter where you are in the country, you will know you have a reliable, experienced Professional Knife Sharpener available to you.

With Thanks,

Please forward all inquiries to:




*** Please be aware: THERE IS NO DROP OFF LOCATION ***
Only Mail-In or Local Pickup Services are available as described

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