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Knife & Scissor Sharpening Rates & Prices


Designer Kitchen KnivesI mainly Sharpen Knives and Cutlery for Home Cooks and Professional Restaurant Chefs as well as Professional Salon Scissors and Shears. I also Sharpen a variety of Indoor Tools and Garden Shears and Loppers. I DO NOT Sharpen Outside Equipment like Chainsaws, Lawn Mower Blades etc.

Knife Sharpening Prices for Standard Edge Profiles are generally straight forward, especially with Kitchen Knives and Cutlery that is in undamaged condition and need a good Sharp Edge put on them. If the Knives need to be reground, have nicks or chips and need a new Edge put on them, or Reshaping as well as other repairs, Please contact me ahead of time so no delays take place.

There are exceptions to all things, and anything particular like bent tips, broken tips, knives that need the Bolster ground down are addressed and charged accordingly. If a Knife is extremely dull and needs thinning in order to get a usable edge, I will contact you once I see it and discuss the work involved and pricing.

Generally, Smooth Edge Knife Sharpening Prices for Standard Kitchen Knife Sharpening is calculated at the rate of $1.50 per linear inch of Blade. Simply add up the amount of blade inches of your knives and calculate the total amount of inches by $1.50 for Standard edges.


Kitchen Knives, Scissors and Shears Professionally Sharpened

Below is a listing of Rates & Prices for most Sharpening

*** Please be aware there is a $5.00 Service & Handling Fee for all Mail Order Items ***

Item Price
Kitchen Knife Sharpening $1.50 per Blade inch
Kitchen Specialty Knife Sharpening $2.00 per Blade inch
Tip Repair (if Possible) $6.00
Bolster Repair (If Possible) $6.00
Vegetable & Meat Cleavers $2.00 per Blade inch
Serrated Knives $1.75 per Blade inch
Folders $8.00 & Up. Call for Quote
Fixed Blade Hunting/Camping $8.00 & Up. Call for Quote
Pocket Knives – 1st Blade $6.00
Each Additional Blade $3.00
Machetes $2.00 per inch
Axes, Hatches $12.00 & Up. Call for Quote
Convex Salon Scissors & Shears $35.00
Beveled Shears $15.00
Fabric Shears $15.00
Pinking Shears $15.00
Household Scissors $8.00
Misc. Please call for Quote
Blade Thinning $3.00 per inch
Shop Time for Specialty Work $65.00 per hour
Mail Order Handling Fee $5.00


Please forward all inquiries to:


*** Please be aware: THERE IS NO DROP OFF LOCATION ***

Only Mail-In or Local Pickup Services are available as described

Scissor and Shears Sharpened

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