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Kitchen Knives Professionally Sharpened



Do my Knives Need a Professional Sharpening Service?

All Knives get Dull over time, no matter how hard the Steel or how Sharp the Edge is. Those Beautiful Knife Sets of Henckels, Wusthofs, Shuns, Globals, Sabatiers, Victorinox. As you use them, the Knives will start to loose their edge. Sharpened Kitchen Knives Wall SetThe Apex will slowly round out and you'll find working with them gets a bit harder each time.

Simply put, eventually, they all will need a Professional Sharpening. Simply Honing or Steeling your Knives is not enough. With use, a new Sharp Edge will have to be put on, and you'll have to find a Professional Knife Sharpening Service.

That is where I come in.

Let's face it. There is nothing more frustrating than trying to work with a Dull Knife. And, it can be a bit dangerous as well. Sharp Knives have an edge that bites, slices and gives you control. Dull Knives can "kick", slide off foods like onions and squash. Chopping with a Dull Knife really mashes your foods, and slicing becomes a chore.

With a Sharp Edge, cooking becomes less labor intensive, quicker, safer and enjoyable. I remove as little of the metal as needed and work the edge of the Knife, bringing it back to Sharper than New quality!

I offer a convenient Local Knife Sharpening Service as well as a Mail In Knife Sharpening Service throughout the country.


How often should I get my Knives Sharpened?

With normal home use and regular maintenance, I recommend you get your Knives Professionally Sharpened at least once a year. With use, you'll get a feel for when its time, and Cooks that are hard on their Knives may want to get them sharpened every 6 months or sooner.

It really depends on a variety of factors, but on the safe side, at least once a year.
Kitchen Knife sets vary in the type of Knives included in each set. Each blade has its purpose, and many times, a unique edge. I'll put the right edge for your Knife.

And remember, Use the Right Knife for the Job!

How long until I get my knives back?

Normal Turnaround Time for my service is 1 - 2 days, so you're not without your Knives for long.


Restaurant Professional Chef's Knives Sharpened

Professional Chefs in Restaurants and the Food Industry realize the need for a Sharp Knife, as well as the need of finding a Knife Sharpening Service that can do the job right, leave the right edge for the particular Knife, and above all, does not damage the Knife!

I have seen Personal High Quality Knives ground away to nothing and ruined. Chef Knives no longer able to chop because the Bolster is past the Heel. Grinds going way up into the body of the Knife for no reason.Restaurant Knives Sharpened

You now have a reliable Sharpening Service, Locally or Mail In, to have those Knives treated with the care and Professionalism they deserve. Professional Knives deserve Professional Sharpening.
You spent good money on those Knives and they are the Tools of your trade, Pamper them with ZB Sharpening.

I work one on one with Chefs, Sharpening to the angle and tooth that they need for their Knives. I Sharpen your Knives with the same Professionalism you apply to your craft.

If you are in my local area, I would be more than happy to come to your Restaurant and show you examples of the type of sharpening I do. I focus on the edge and the angle, not grinding away at the body unless thinning is needed.

Locally I can come on a regular basis, pick up your Knives, and return them in top shape. If the location can accommodate me with some electricity, I can arrange to have them done on site.

A $75 minimum would apply for this service.Personal Chef Knives Sharpened

The only thing I don't provide is a Knife Exchange Service. I Sharpen Your Personal Knives, so arrangements need to be made if you need the knives on a particular timeline, or have other Knives to use while I work on yours.
I do carry a limited amount of loaner Knives, and if not taken, you are welcome to borrow them until I get your knives back.

Locally, it is not a big deal and can do them on your day off if we arrange ahead of time. By mail, I can usually get them out the door in 1 - 2 days.

I take extreme pride in my Edges, and your Knives will never get abused.
So if you have your Personal set of Knives that you bring to work, or your Restaurant, Deli, Eatery purchased their own knives and want a Professional Quality Sharpening Service, you've found the right place.

Your Knives will get Sharpened, not ruined.


Knife Repairs and Serrated Knives

Most bent tips can usually be fixed, depending on how bad it is and if they don't break. But if they do, a new tip can be ground for a fee.
For Chopping Knives like a regular Chef Knife, improper Sharpening sometimes eats away at the edge and causes the Bolster to extend past the cutting edge. This leaves you with a gap that doesn't allow the use of the full length of the Knife. Bolsters can be repaired as well for an extra fee.
Please check the Knife Sharpening Costs page for prices.

Benchmade Kitchen KnivesIf I see something with your knives that needs to be done, I will call in advance and get approval before going ahead. Sometimes, when a Knife has seen a lot of sharpening or too much steel has been taken away, the metal behind the edge becomes too bulky and thick.

This is when Thinning may be required and I would contact you to see if you want to go ahead with the extra service.

Also, over time, Metal Fatigues. This does not necessarily mean the Knife can't be fixed.
It may need to be Reground and ReProfiled, taking away the soft tired metal until solid metal is found. Then A New Edge needs to be put on as well as Thinning.
Again, I would call in advance if this is found.

Serrated Knives can be Sharpened, but not all. A Serrated knife functions a bit like a saw, which will continue to cut, even when relatively dull. But, when dull, it will shred or tear rather than slice cleanly.
Depending on the amount of damage, most Scallop type Serrated Knives can be sharpened. At times, they are too far gone and I may recommend a new one or to redo the scallops.
Some Serrated Knives with odd irregular lazer cut teeth, like Ginsu Knives, may or may not be able to be sharpened. Call in advance on these types of Serrated Knives and we can discuss what can be done.

Also, if you have Older Quality Knives that look beat up, I do offer a Cleanup and Polish if desired.


Please forward all inquiries to:


*** Please be aware: THERE IS NO DROP OFF LOCATION ***

Only Mail-In or Local Pickup Services are available as described

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