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Mail In Mail Order Knife & Scissor Sharpening Service


Mail In Knife & Scissor Sharpening Services are available anywhere in the Country

Mail In and Mail Order Knife Sharpening Mail In Mail Order Sharpening is available for all Kitchen Knives, Chef's Knives, Household and Salon Scissors, Folding Knives, Pocket Knives, and Fixed Blade Knives.
If there is not a reliable Professional Sharpener near you, just Mail In your Knives and Scissors to ZB Sharpening, with return shipping label included, and they will be promptly returned razor sharp.
Restaurants and Chefs can take advantage of this Mail Order Sharpening Service as well.

Getting your Mail In Knife & Scissor Sharpening is easy and convenient. Turnaround is usually 1-2 days, plus shipping time. You get your Knives and Scissors back Razor Sharp with little effort through Mail Order

Package them safely and stably in a sturdy box. Ship them using UPS or FEDEX, (I Do Not Accept USPS) with proper Insurance and Delivery Confirmation. Include the Printable Shipping Form which can be found here: Mail In Sharpening Forms, Return Shipping Label and Check and your Knives will return Sharper than New.

**Please remember to add a $5.00 Handling fee separate from your
Pre-Paid Shipping when filling out and adding up Mail-In Forms.**


*** IMPORTANT - Must Include Return Shipping ***


The amount of knives vary from client to client and I have found the most fair method is for you to include a Pre-Payed Return Shipping Label with your SECURELY Packaged Knives, Completed Order Form and Payment by CHECK. When you pay for shipping, simply Pre-Pay for a Return Shipping Label addressed to your home. UPS and FEDEX can do this, USPS cannot, they include stamps, which is why I no longer accept USPS packages.

Some Carriers attach it to the outside and cover it with a plastic sticker/pocket, others simply cut the box, slip it in, and retape.
This way, you only pay for the actual shipping price rather than a built in shipping charge on the order form that may not suit the amount of Knives you are shipping, for example: a Single Knife.Mail In Knife Sharpening

Please be sure to package your knives securely and to ship them with Adequate Insurance and Delivery Confirmation for BOTH WAYS. Be sure to include a Prepaid Shipping Label, again with adequate Insurance and Delivery Confirmation in order for me to return Your Knife or Knives.

ZB Sharpening can not be held responsible for Knives that are Lost, Damaged, not Adequately Insured or Without Tracking and Delivery Confirmation both ways.

I am no longer accepting Credit Card Payments through the Website. Please pay by CHECK and include it with your Knives, Completed Order Form, and Return Shipping Label.


I only accept UPS and FEDEX. I have found that FEDEX and UPS do a good job of Return Shipping Labels, Delivery and Tracking. Please be sure to properly Insure and track your shipment, including Delivery Confirmation and E-Mail Noticing.


Instructions on Wrapping Your Knives for Mail In Knife Sharpening Service

Below is a small explanation for packaging Knives for shipment
Please make sure your Knives & Scissors are clean!
For Scissors, if you have the original box or sleeve, please use that for packing. Otherwise, wrap them similar to Knives.
I advice Bubble Wrap, Rosin Paper or Butcher Paper as packing. Newspaper if it is your only option.
With a large sheet, or sheets that may hold all or most of your knives diagonally with overlap, I suggest lying your 1st knife down, and with some tape, tape it to the Wrap. No need to go overboard, one piece will do. It keeps the knife from shifting
Now roll the knife over once or twice and lay the next one above it. Tape and repeat. Adjust the shape or width of the "Roll" according to your box shape. It sometimes helps to lay them opposite, handle to the right, next handle to the left. Use your judgment depending on the type of box … I prefer long rectangular boxes in the 4x4 to 6x6 or 8x8 range, length depending on your Knives
Tape the roll or square of Knives securely, overlap the ends and tape securely as well
Place wrapped Knives in box along with the Completed Order Form, Prepaid Shipping Label and payment by CHECK made out to ZB Sharpening. Bundle up Bubble Wrap, Rosin or whatever you're using and pad the ends of the box tightly. (A piece of foam block works great if you have it) Add additional packing materials till the knives are secure and won’t move
Attach Shipping label to box with return address. If written by hand, I recommend covering it in packaging tape in the event of rain


Please forward all inquiries to:


*** Please be aware: THERE IS NO DROP OFF LOCATION ***

Only Mail-In or Local Pickup Services are available as described

Scissor and Shears Sharpened

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