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Knife Sharpening Reviews from Satisfied Customers!


"Fantastic job on my knives, thank you! And I really appreciate all of the knife care information. You truly care about providing a great service with GREAT customer service. You can be sure you have my business and I will refer all friends your way!"

"I was thoroughly pleased with the service I received from ZB Sharpening. Ziggy is very professional, knowledgeable and did a fantastic job on my 18 year old knives and kitchen shears that had never been professionally sharpened before. I would highly recommend him to anyone who wants to have their knives and shears brought back to their original super sharp state! "

"Zig is awesome! Not only does he provide an excellent service that is very client driven, he is clearly very passionate about his craft and knows what he is doing when it comes to blade sharpening. His service was far more than just conveniently meeting me to pick my kitchen knives up and turn them around in about 24 hours before getting them back to me with a better edge on them than when they came home from the store, but he also taught me a lot about maintenance that I didn't know and gave me the knowledge to better maintain and care for my blades between sharpening. I highly suggest ZB Sharpening to anyone who loves to cook or know someone who loves to cook and wants the best quality tools for their kitchen."

"Amazing service. I've been searching for a solid sharpening service for years now, and this one fits the bill. Friendly, knowledgeable and fast turnaround- great business alll around. Tons of info sharing on knives, alloys and blade geometry. I appreciate the customer care and will be a return customer for sure!"

"Hey Ziggy,
I just wanted to let you know that 2 days after I gave the knives to my mom, she called me specifically to tell me that she was cutting up a melon like it was butter and was absolutely thrilled! She tells me how much she loves them sharpened every time I'm over there. Thanks for making getting them sharpened so easy!!! Thanks!"

"Amazing service. I've been searching for a solid sharpening service for years now, and this one fits the bill. Friendly, knowledgeable and fast turnaround- great business alll around. Tons of info sharing on knives, alloys and blade geometry. I appreciate the customer care and will be a return customer for sure!"

"My knives are sharper than they've ever been! I have Pampered Chef German Steel knives. About three years ago I went on a hunt to have them sharpened. I studied Alton Brown's teachings and set out to local restaurants in search of their sensei. Unfortunately, what I found was an Amish man named Amos that put my knives to the grinder.
Ziggy fixed them and put on the best blade imaginable. Not only are the sharp, but they are sharpened in such a way that they are likely to stay that way for an extended period. Ziggy has a great website and a simple service. Don't read too much into the pricing. For most local home cooks, it's $40.
For two Jacksons you will have the best knives you've ever had and the knowledge as to how to keep them that way."

"We just got our knives back and, WOW what an edge on them!!!!! The first test was slicing a freshly picked tomato. I have read that is the litmus test to see how sharp a knife is. Sliced trough with great ease. As I was informing the owner, it is very aggravating and, dangerous when attempting to cook dinner with a dull knife. Thank you very, very much for your fast (1 day turn around) and expert sharpening. PS: the loaner chefs knife you gave when picking up our knives is above and beyond the call of duty."

"Zig is great - an absolute artist with the sharpening stone! My knives are in better than new conditions! He's also great to deal with."


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"Dear ZB ,
My dad was a chef , he gave me my first knife when I was five . He taught me how to sharpen it on a stone , he told me that if I got cut with a dull knife I would get a whipping .... that was 43 years ago , I did not know a kitchen knife could be as sharp as you got mine , my dad is not around anymore , if he was I would not have to worry about a whipping from a dull knife cut , the razor I shave with is duller than the blades you did for me ... A job beyond well done , you can take your cutlery else where , but YOU will be disappionted ...
Thanks for the excellent job ,"

"We have a decent set of knives but their dullness became intolerable. I have tried to sharpen them myself with limited success so I searched for a local source. I found ZB Sharpening and Ziggy was great. His service is excellent, his turnaround time was very good and he explained what I need to do in order to keep the knives sharp. I highly recommend ZB Sharpening. You will be very happy you used Ziggy."

"Ziggy was very helpful, informative, and did great work with a super fast turnaround. He completely repaired the edges on my Shun knives, and gave them back to me in "like new" condition. He's obviously a lover of all things "knives", and he's quick to share his knowledge. Thanks for a great job. Highly recommended."

"I was very pleased with ZB Sharpening. I had damaged a Henckels chefs knife using a popular commercial sharpener and they transformed it into a brand new knife! They have quick and convenient service, are very personable and helpful, and have an informative web site. I will use them again and highly recommend them."

"Over the years have acquired a collection of knives, lots of German blades and some decent Japanese ones which get heavy use from 3 cooks in the family. Used a fairly aggressive steel to maintain the edges which in hindsight was not the smartest decision but also purchased a highly rated 3-stage Chef's Choice electric sharpener that I used too frequently and took off enough metal that after a couple years my knives were decently sharp but the blade shapes had been deformed by battling the bottom of the bolster in the sharpener guide creating an uneven belly in the blade.
The smartest decision I've since made was to seek out a professional service to reshape the knives by grinding down the heel of the bolster and evening out the belly of the blade followed by high quality sharpening appropriate to each steel and each blade shape.
Fortunate to find ZB Sharpening in nearby Hillsborough, NJ which has a very convenient pick up and return delivery service as well as a huge mail in service that returned our knives to better than new sharpness and reconciled profiles. A year after my first service with them, I just had master sharpener, Ziggy resharpen most of the knives. The results are excellent with some of my best blades literally as sharp as razors. The fact that I was able to go a full year between his service calls is a testament that Ziggy counseled me to purchase a better,, more gentle steel and how to use it almost daily. The few lessons he shared and his knife repair efforts have helped me avoid having to replace some of the blades the CC nearly ruined. Great knowledgable service, affordable, quick turn around and outstanding results. If you are searching for a sharpening service, check out his website at"

"Hey Ziggy, I got my knife back on Wed. I am absolutely so pleased with it. It is razor sharp both sides and is just how I wanted it to turn out. It's really cool knowing that you can't buy this knife anywhere."


Knife & Scissor Sharpening Reviews


"Great service, good price and my knives are like new. In addition, I was thoughtfully explained the Dos and Donts to better care for my knives. I will definitely continue to use them in the future."

"Used about half and they all cut like buttah!"

"Thank you for my new sharpened knives - they are terrific - what a difference! Thanks also for all the info. I will be tending to my knives from now on."

"Zig - I appreciate the follow up and the information on the bread knives! I feel you did a great job sharpening the knives; I am once again able to slice onions very thin without much effort! I sliced up a pineapple last night, again no effort. "

All is great with the knives I still have 10 fingers too. Thanks for the great job!."

"Thanks I only used the one and sliced right through an orange. I will put then to the test on the weekend. I will tell several people about you."

"Zig, I received them on Monday night and was able to play with them last night chopping up some nice crisp apples. They work wonderfully. You're a magician. I thought the Wusthof was a goner, but it's fully functional now for my needs. The Santoku and the utility knife are both sharper than when I bought them, I swear! And our kitchen scissors are our go-to tool in the kitchen for everything from paper to bags of chips to chicken bones so it's great to have those back and sharpened. You did a wonderful job and were very fast. I appreciated the explanations and directions on caring for my knives over the coming year to keep them ship shape. I was surprised to learn that knives shouldn't go in the dishwasher. We used to put ours in all the time - not anymore! I'll definitely use your services again. Thanks again for a wonderful thorough job & feel free to use my compliments as testimonials for your business."
Heather Peet

"I have used them all and they are fantastic! I am especially pleased with the butter knives. They even cut tomatoes. Thanks again"

"The knives are great. Expecially the chef's knife--it's better than brand new!
Thanks for the links.
I think I'll ask for the ceramic rod for my birthday."

"Hi Zig! Your my hero, I really enjoy cooking again. We steel are knives every time we use them, thanks for all your help and good info."
Judy and Bill

"Thanks. We love your service and your enthusiasm. Our knives are great. Thanks for your help and suggestions."
Lenny and Ann

"Wow - you read my mind! I had a wonderful cooking event last night with my new knives. They are GREAT! You are an artist! Enjoyed meeting you. I'll be back! "

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