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Knife Maintenance, Caring and Honing Videos


Alton Brown Shun Video on Steel Hardness, Edge Angle, and Maintenance


Videos are priceless for their information. I've found several over the years that make great points and give great visual examples.
Here is one with Alton Brown where he covers a ton of ground on Knife Steel, edge angle and care and maintenance, and WHY you are honing your Knife.
The thing to take away from this video, even if you do not own Shun Knives, is the relationship of Steel Hardness and Acute Edge Angles.
I Sharpen most German style Knives at 20 Degrees. Knives that need or can take other angles I specialize in as well, and can put the correct angle on any knife.




Chef Eric Crowley Explaining How to use a Honing Steel


In this Video, Chef Eric Crowley gives a great explaination as to why a Honing Steel is important and how to use it and find the right angle.




Richard Blaine explains Steels and Hones


Here, Richard Blaine gets into the nitty gritty of different types of Hones. It really helps you understand the importance of Honing and Steeling Regularly.




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