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Professional Knife Sharpening Service in Central NJ.


Have you ever asked:

Well, the answer is YES! ... ZB Sharpening - Professional Knife & Scissor Sharpening Service in Hillsborough NJ.

Professional Knife Sharpening ServicesAre you tired of your expensive cutlery not performing the way they used to? If you find that cooking has become more of a chore, as you try to slice and hack away with a dull set of knives, let me put an edge on them that is better than new. I’ve been restoring knives for my clients for years, personally sharpening each one with meticulous attention to knife’s edge. The results are knives that perform better than when you first bought them, making cooking easy and fun again.

Along the Route 206 corridor in Hillsborough NJ, I can meet you at a convenient place, pick up your Knives & Scissors, and return them sharper than new in 1-2 business days.
This gives easy access for most of Somerset County & even parts of Hunterdon County. Home cooks, Professional Chefs & Restaurants, as well as Hair Stylists and Barbers have a Local Professional Knife and Scissor Sharpening Service available to them.

*** Please be aware: THERE IS NO DROP OFF LOCATION ***

Mail In Knife & Scissor Sharpening

Mail In Knife Sharpening as well as Scissor Sharpening is available to all Nationwide.
If you don’t have access to a Professional Sharpener locally, use my Mail In Sharpening Service for all your Dull Knives and Scissors, and I will return them with the Sharpest Cutting Edge possible. All Knives and Scissors will be brought back to their original Sharp Edge.
In fact, they will return to you sharper than new!

Do I need a Professional Knife Sharpener to Service my Kitchen Knives?

Let’s face it … all Knives will get dull in time, and we have all heard that a Dull Knife is more likely to cut you then a Sharp Knife.

So keep your KNIVES SHARP!

Use, along with Steel Quality and Maintenance, are the main factors in keeping your knives sharp after a Professional Sharpening.

Spyderco CivilianRegular Knife Maintenance using a Honing Rod or Steel will help keep your Knives Sharp longer than not using one.
But a Honing Rod only maintains the edge. It does not Sharpen it.

Having your Knives Professionally Sharpened puts a new, sharp, proper angle on the edge of your Knife, removing any irregularities and steel fatigue as a result of use. The proper angle, with the edge perfectly apexed, along with regular honing will help extend the time of your knife’s cutting power.

I keep my business small and personal, sharpening all Knives & Scissors myself. It allows me to put all my efforts into crafting the Sharpest and Best Edge possible for your Knife or Scissor.

Please do not confuse my Service with large, impersonal high volume knife sharpening businesses. With attention to detail and customer service, I try to provide you with the best Craftsmanship and maintenance information, and hope to keep you as a satisfied customer.

I encourage you to explore the site for more details about my Sharpening Services and exactly what a Professional Knife Sharpener has to offer. If you are curious if I can sharpen any of your Knives, Scissors or Shears, just ask. Simply Call or E-Mail.

With Thanks,

Please forward all inquiries to:


*** Please be aware: THERE IS NO DROP OFF LOCATION ***

Only Mail-In or Local Pickup Services are available as described

Scissor and Shears Sharpened

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